Terrence Howard Paid Off Debt To Petey Pablo with “Empire”

Terrence Howard and Petey Pablo

Terrence Howard and Petey Pablo have collaborated on a new song called “Snitch Bitch,” which debuted on this week’s episode of EMPIRE. However, there’s a story behind the track.

Howard actually owed Pablo $200, dating back to 2005, so he re-paid his debt.

In an interview with WRAL, Pablo said he loaned Howard the cash during a 2005 premiere party for Hustle & Flow.¬†Apparently, Howard never got around to paying Pablo, so he repaid the debt 10 years later… but did so with interest “to the tune of $15,000.”

In addition to reconnecting with Howard, Pablo said that he wrote four songs for Empire’s season two soundtrack, including the aforementioned “Snitch Bitch.”

Pablo also makes an appearance on the show, as the on-screen character, Clyde.

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