via Instagram / Akon

Akon has had success in launching the careers of others, including T-Pain and Lady Gaga, but there was one star that he probably wishes he didn’t pass on… Drake.

“I honestly did pass on him, because at the time, he didn’t sound like what he sounded like today,” Akon recalled in an interview with Montreality. “The ‘Best I Ever Had,’ it wasn’t even close to what that sounded like. I think he was at a position where he was finding himself. And, I kind of heard it in the music, but ultimately, as time goes, people develop and they get better and they become the best because of things like that.”

He goes on to reveal that it was his artist, Canadian rapper/producer Kardinal Offishall, who brought Drake’s music to him. He says Drake used to be shy, but has developed into the superstar that he is today.

“I think his confidence has grown a lot,” he says. “You can see it on stage now. He’s fully-developed. Right now, I just feel like he’s the top at what he do.”