Tips On How To Get The Best Shave

By Staff  |  09/29/2015

Schick® Xtreme3® razor

This post is part of Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series, #TheIndisposables, for Socialstars.

Shaving seems easy enough. Pick up your favorite razor, drag it across your face, and wallah, your clean-shaven.

While this is okay for a quick, basic shave, a really good shave requires a little more effort than that. So, we've put together a few tips to help you get the best shave possible... whether you're a seasoned pro or not.

First, your choice of razor is up to you, whether it be a single or double-blade. Even indisposables can work, including the Schick® Xtreme3® razor. But, preparation is key.

Hot and Cold -- This one's easy. To get a good shave, you have to keep your skin hot and moist. To do this, you can either shave in the shower or right after you get out. At a barbershop, they keep their lather warm during the shave, and you can do this at home as well, if you have a home kit. Either way, after you shave, make sure to rinse your face with cold water, which helps reduces inflammation.

Take Your Time -- It's not a race. Make sure you spend the necessary time prepping your skin for the razor by washing your face and then letting your shaving cream or gel sit on your face for a few minutes before starting. It helps soften the hair and allow for a smoother shave.

Use A Brush -- While you can certainly use your fingers to lather on your shaving cream, a brush does a much better job. A good brush can help to push the cream into the hair, which in turn, will make for a better shave.

Shave With The Grain -- Make sure to go with the direction your hair is growing. Although you may get a closer shave if you go against the grain, you'll likely get razor burn or ingrown hairs more frequently.