Game vs Young Thug Beef Is Back On: “F*ck You P*ssy Boy”

By Staff  |  09/28/2015

Young Thug and Game

The beef between Game and Young Thug has been revived, after the Compton rapper unintentionally reignited their problems during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

When questioned about their past beef, which started in May and was quickly squashed, Game alluded to Thugger being afraid, resulting in the beef being put to bed.

"It was real quick," he explained. "It gets real. I went to Atlanta right after it started, you know... it got real."

Later, Charlamagne Da God indirectly dissed Thugger, when referencing his fashion sense. "Is it hard dealing with these young rappers, as an OG now? 'Cause they're disrespectful. And they'll be talking crazy at you with a dress on."

After seeing the interview, Thugger took to Instagram to offer a different story. He says it was Game who reached out to apologize, after their initial exchange.

"See I was minding my business trying to promote my lil' video that I got 'bout to come out...for the song 'Power.' And I go on The Breakfast Club...and see this p*ssy ass n*gga Game cappin' to p*ssy ass Charlamagne...," Thug said, before calling signing off: "F*ck you pussy boy."

Thugger then followed with a video of Game Facetiming him with an apology.

Game has since responded with the following meme, lol SMH.

@ that pussy !!!! He prolly gettin a French tip somewhere in the Lennox Mall 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 #DontCallNobodyNigga #YouAndMe #AndDontFlashNoGunsOnIGThinkinThatsGoneScareSomebody #iWillThrowYouOver7CarsNigga

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