Actor De’Aundre Bonds Hospitalized After Brutal Attack

By Parish Hodges  |  09/26/2015

De'Aundre Bonds

Actor De'Aundre Bonds, best known for his roles in Tales From The Crypt and The Wood, has been hospitalized after he was brutally attacked in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday night (Sept. 24).

TMZ reports that he was jumped, but Bonds vehemently denies this. Whether or not the rumors are true, the identity of his attacker is currently unknown.

Images that were taken in the hospital and published on TMZ show Bonds with bruises all over his face -- including a gaping wound over his eyebrow and a gash above his nose.

De'Aundre Bonds

The actor says he was left unconscious by the side of the road, until a friend happened to drive by and recognize him. He was then taken to a hospital, where he received eight stitches across his eyebrow and another two stitches on a gash above his nose.

In 2001, Bonds served nearly a decade in prison after being convicted of manslaughter in the stabbing death of his aunt's boyfriend, Anthony Matthews. He was released in March 2011.

He can currently be seen in the movie Dope, which was released this summer.