popSLATE Gives Your iPhone 6 An E-Paper Screen

popSLATE iPhone 6 Case

Bay Area-based brand popSLATE offers up a new option to customize your iPhone 6 with this unique new case.

In addition to offering a level of protection, the new popSLATE case also features a second screen to further customize your Apple iPhone, via real-time image personalization.

Using a low-power ePaper screen, the case allows the users to personalize the look of your smartphone, with either an image of your choice or valuable information at a glance.

By connecting to the popSLATE case via Bluetooth, and then using its accompanying app, a user can then choose an image they’d like to appear on the four-inch, shatter-proof e-Paper screen on the back of the case. You can even choose Slideshow mode to display a gallery of photos.

It features a 240 mAh battery that allows for seven days of battery life, as well as a Micro USB port for charging.

The popSLATE iPhone 6 case is available now in either white or black through the brand’s website for $129 USD.

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