B.G. Knocc Out Says Dr. Dre Set Him Up In Suge Knight Incident

Eazy-E and Dr. Dre

Former Ruthless Records signee B.G. Knocc Out has stories for days, when it comes to his days around Eazy-E.

Recently, during an interview with Vlad TV, the rap vet recalls the days leading up to Eazy being diagnosed with AIDS… which he said never sat right with him. He says the rap icon went from perfectly healthy, to being diagnosed, to dying shortly after.

“Yeah there’s foul play, ain’t no doubt about it,” he said, when asked about conspiracy theories revolving Eazy’s death. “He just went from having it, and dying from it in a matter of weeks.”

As for theories that Suge Knight was behind it, he doesn’t believe it, but says he was probably “made privy to it.”

He goes on to talk about Eazy signing documents to release Dr. Dre from his contract… at the hands of Suge Knight, which he says Dre set up. “Eazy was smart so, he didn’t put his real signature on the paperwork and that’s why it never held out,” B.G. explained. “Dre set it up, though.”

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