Game Talks Lawsuits, “Documentary 2” Being A Classic & More

By Staff  |  09/24/2015


With The Documentary 2 coming soon, Game stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss all things Game.

During the interview, the Compton rapper addressed the slew of lawsuits he's facing, Dr. Dre and Aftermath, as well as the new album.

As for lawsuits, Game says hes's always a target. "If you fall down and I'm anywhere by you, you could sue. It don't matter," he explained. "I'm not giving you nothing, ever. If you sue me, you're never gonna get paid, ever. When I say ever, I mean never. You're never getting a dime."

Later, he was questioned about why he's already calling his Documentary 2 "a classic," which he said was annointed by hip-hop greats. "It's a real good body of work," Game said. "I didn't start saying it was a classic until the powers that be did. I played it for the Diddys, the Sways, the Dr. Dres, and they was saying that. Once I got finished with the album and listened to it all the way through, I thought it was a pretty good body of work and it could be called 'a classic.' "

Elsewhere, Game explained why he's chosen the independent route over being signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label. "It's a whole different ball game I got going with EOne. I think I made more money with EOne, and the album ain't even out, than I probably did in the last few years -- in MUSIC, as far as albums are concerned," he said. "Dre got Aftermath, but they ain't really any artists on Aftermath."

Also in the interview, Game offers his opinion on the N.w.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, the new generation of West Coast artists, and his relationship with Drake, among other things.

The Documentary 2 drops Oct. 9, with the second part of the album coming Oct. 16.