Arabian Prince Explains Why He Left N.W.A. & Ruthless Records

By Staff  |  09/23/2015

Arabian Prince

Arabian Prince was one of the original members of N.W.A., but left the group before they blew up with their official debut, Straight Outta Compton, in 1988.

Why? He claims the business of Ruthless Records was messed up from the very beginning... and didn't want to stick around as things began to take off.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Arabian Prince recalls the beginnings of N.W.A. and the financial portion not being transparent to him or the other members of the group, prompting him to make a quick exit.

"The deal was, when we started N.W.A. and Ruthless Records, we were all supposed to share in Ruthless Records. It was our label. It wasn't Jerry's label, it wasn't Eazy's label, it was our label," he explains.

"It was kinda shady. Nobody had paper work at the time, so when [Straight Outta Compton] came out, it was selling and nobody knew anything. I guess halfway through the movie, you see [Jerry Heller] start giving people paper work."

Later, Arabian Prince says that he had to go through multiple lawsuits to get paid from royalties he was owed during his time with Ruthless, which he eventually worked out with owner Tomica Wright, Eazy-E's wife.

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