Ben Baller, Michael Huynh To Launch Upscale Line: Superism


Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has joined forces with Publish Brand founder Michael Huynh for the launch of an upscale menswear line called Superism.

While details about the clothing brand are scarce, Ben has been teasing the forthcoming launch for a few months now. And this weekend, he officially announced the partnership with Huynh, whom he praises for his wealth of knowledge in the fashion industry.

“Me and him have done more in the last 4 months than I have done with anyone else work wise and he treats me like family,” Ben wrote on Instagram. “Even though he’s much younger than me, he’s taught me so much about the fashion business outside of what I’ve learned from being tied to 2 HUGE clothing brands in the last decade.”

Superism’s launch is set for January 2016. Stay tuned to the official website for details.

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