Stitches Places $10K Bounty On Tyga’s Chain

By Staff  |  09/17/2015


Miami rapper Stitches wants Tyga's chain... and wants it enough to put out a $10,000 bounty for anyone who brings it to him.

In an Instagram post, which has since been deleted, he makes the offer.

"I got ten racks on Tyga's chain, maybe even 50," Stitches says. "Bring that sh*t to me and I'll give you some motherf*ckin' cash. Bruh, you know I f*cked your bitch, bruh. Don't act like I ain't f*cked that hoe. C'mon. I dogged her."

Earlier in the month, Stitches and Inkmonstarr released a song called "Kyga She's A Liar," in which they claim to have had sex with Kylie Jenner, while dissing Tyga.