Rousey Defends Nick Diaz, In Wake Of Suspension For Marijuana

By Staff  |  09/17/2015

Nick Diaz

The five-year suspension UFC fighter Nick Diaz received from the Nevada Athletic Commission this week for a failed drug test for marijuana has caused a stir among the fighters... especially star Ronda Rousey.

The UFC women's champ felt compelled to respond during a recent UFC 183 press conference, calling the decision unfair, while referring to Diaz as "a dear friend."

"There's no reason that we should be tested for weed," Rousey said. "It shouldn't be involved at all. Nick is a really close and dear friend of mine, so of course, I'm going to defend him. It's so unfair."

"I'm against testing for weed at all," she continued. "It's not a performance-enhancing drug and it has nothing to do with athletic competition; it's only tested for political reasons."

"They say, 'It's only for your safety to keep you from hurting yourself.' You know what, then why don’t they test us for all the other things that could possibly hurt us, that we could be under the influence of when we're out there?" said Rousey. "If one person tests for steroids, that could actually really hurt a person, and the other person smokes a plant that makes him happy, and he gets suspended for five years! Whereas a guy who could hurt someone so much that he could've died in there [and] he gets a slap on the wrist! It's not fair. It's not fair at all. It doesn't make me a bad person for saying it, I just can't believe it's not being said more."

The third test was the third marijuana-related offense from Diaz, 32.