Jay Rock Gets Prank-Called By Kendrick Lamar

By Staff  |  09/15/2015

Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar

Jay Rock got a surprise call on-air during a Power 106 interview in Los Angeles this week.

The call started with what seemed to be an adoring female fan, telling the Watts rapper: "I like ’em tall, dark, and handsome", before asking him for his number.

"You know I don’t give my number out on-air," Jay Rock replied, telling the fan to "hit me up on Tinder."

Then, all of the sudden, the caller's voice got real deep. Then, it was revealed that it was Kendrick Lamar. "What up K-Dot!" Jay Rock laughed. "You a fool!"

Jay Rock was on Power 106, giving an interview supporting his new album, 90059, which is out now.