5 Traits That Make Up Every Tecate Light Fan

By Staff  |  09/10/2015


Brought to you by Tecate Light

Let's face it: all Tecate Light fans are familiar with the iconic Black Eagle. And, why wouldn't they be? His nights begin when ours end, he never follows the crowd, and he prides himself on being bolder than bold. The Tecate Light Black Eagle stays true to his nature (and even truer to his hunt for bold flavor), making him a relatable inspiration to all. What about you? Do you boast the same admirable characteristics? From everyday determination to cool confidence, we've rounded up 5 traits that make up every Tecate Light fan – inspired by the Black Eagle, of course.

If you're anything like The Tecate Light Black Eagle, you exemplify perseverance on the regular. Whether you work hours on end to provide for your family or strive to make a positive impact wherever you go, your #1 goal in life is to keep your eye on the prize. It may sound cheesy, but we're serious supporters of the saying, "if you can dream it, you can do it."

These days, it's hard to find people to count on. But in your case, authenticity is ingrained your DNA. While you love a good party packed with fun people, oftentimes you're more comfortable in a small, close-knit group setting. Because your roots are a big part of who you are, you're always down for some QT with the friends and family you love most.

When you've got a kick-ass crew, you've got a guaranteed good time. Lucky for you, the friends you roll with are just like you – confident, dependable, and always down for a great night. And while we're pretty sure you treat your best buds like family, the loyalty doesn't stop there – you're just as devoted to your community and favorite sports teams, too.

In your world, being polite is a necessity. In fact, for you, it's an everyday occurrence. From holding the door for someone in need to dancing the night away with a beloved grandparent, you're always ready to make an impression (which might also explain why you never show up to a get-together without a 6-pack of Tecate Light in hand).

When the going gets tough, it's easy to act quickly and irrationally. But for you, irrationality is an afterthought. You're a big believer that trusting your gut is the way to go and because of this, you always end up on top. With that said, staying true to your roots, loyal to your beliefs, and sure of your choices is what matters most.

Thanks to your similarities, it's pretty safe to say that you and the Tecate Light Black Eagle would be a pretty dynamic duo. But if you just can't seem to pin him down for plans, we've got something just as good. To celebrate summer, Tecate has filmed an extraordinary bold night for your viewing pleasure. We're talking three friends, one fight, some beautiful women, and of course, the iconic Tecate Light Black Eagle. Check out the episode below.

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