Miguel Performs Concert For Family Struggling To Pay Rent

By Parish Hodges  |  09/05/2015


Miguel recently partnered with Make Room for a campaign to "end the rental housing crisis in America."

As part of an effort to raise awareness, the singer is doing intimate acoustic performances inside the living rooms of people who are struggling to pay the rent, reports TheGrio.

So far, Miguel performed for single mom/small business owner Devona Rollins from Michigan. Her story of resilience in the face of financial strain is inspiring and something the singer is familiar with.

"I think coming from a single-parent family, understanding how challenging it can be to stay afloat -- I know how difficult it could be when you're trying to do the best for your children, make ends meet," Miguel says. "So to give people some kind of encouragement is really cool."

Before performing "What's Normal Anyway," Miguel talked with the audience about racial identity.  He also performed "Coffee" and"Adorn."

For more info on Make Room, visit them online here.