Scarface Says A Geto Boys Reunion Is “Never Gonna Happen”

By Staff  |  09/04/2015

Geto Boys

Although they recently wrapped a tour together, it looks like a new Get Boys project is not in the works.

Member Scarface recently said he's "never doing Geto Boys," before offering an explanation.

According to Southern rap legend, fans don't want new music from the group, referencing a recent crowdfunding campaign created months ago, which was unsuccessful. The group had a goal of $100,000 for a new album titled Habeas Corpus, but only received a little over $46,000.

"That sh*t ain't never gonna happen," Scarface said during an interview on The Unlikely Show. "I'm done. It'll happen without me. I'm out of there. Done. You heard it right here for the 50th time ever. I'm never doing Geto Boys. That is not what the fans want. That's not what the fans ask for. If the fans ask for it? Yeah, I would've did that sh*t. But that's not what they wanted. I don't think it was, because they had a Go Fund Me [Kickstarter] and that sh*t was unsuccessful. So, with that being said, I know that that's not what they wanted to hear... The window of opportunity has shut and it is locked. With me."