Is The Dream Done For Robert Griffin III?

By Staff  |  09/02/2015

Robert Griffin III

After three injury-plagued seasons, the Robert Griffin III era seems to be over in Washington.

It's been a disappointing three weeks of preseason play for the former Baylor Bear, and now, it appears his tenure with the team is all but done. The "alleged" concussion he suffered in week two was the beginning of the end for RG3, as head coach Jay Gruden announced Monday (August 31) that Kirk Cousins will get the nod as starting quarterback to start to 2015 NFL season.

Word seeped out last week that numerous offensive lineman weren't happy with Griffin. At first, it appeared as though the headline may be just hearsay or part of the typical NFL preseason rumor mill. However, after coach Gruden's decision came, not even a week later, to bench RG3, there may just be some truth behind the chatter.

Cousins, a 2012 fourth-round draft pick out of Michigan State, is a solid hybrid quarterback with a good arm and decent ground speed. He found himself in heaps of trouble last season though, escaping the pocket behind one of the league's worst offensive lines. The team improved their front protection to boost quarterback safety and confidence this past offseason, which can only bode well for Cousins. Then again, the odds at NFL Sportsbook, have the Redskins as underdogs by +3.5 to Miami in Week One. So, we'll have to wait and see.

Regardless of the outcome, the Redskins can be now be considered slightly better contenders in a very tough NFC East division. Don't get the wrong idea that the team will win or even come close to winning the division mind you -- they've simply just bettered their odds with the switch at QB.

While the flip under center is a good thing for the team, it can only mean the writing is on the wall for RG3 in the white, red and yellow. After his devastating knee injury in the 2012 playoffs against Seattle, he has never been the same quarterback. His numbers have dipped heavily and his health is always in question. It seems Griffin still has the same ego of a former #2 draft pick, even though his play has clearly deteriorated.

Should he stay with the Redskins, Griffin will make $6.7 million and change this season, and will become a free agent at the end of the year.

His future in Washington looks bleak and with Andrew Luck and Eli Manning coming to the ends of their contracts, he definitely won't be in the upper echelon of free agent QB’s in 2016.