Tyler The Creator Opens Up About U.K. Ban

By Staff  |  09/01/2015

Tyler The Creator

Following news that he's been banned from entering the UK for 3-5 years, Tyler The Creator opened up about the ordeal in a recent interview with The Guardian.

"Monday was one of the sh*ttiest days I've ever had," the Los Angeles rapper said. "I was in a detention room; I felt like a criminal. And then [a Border Force officer] showed me lyrics from songs... literally, a paper with five lines of lyrics, and four were from Bastard songs and one was from 'Tron Cat.' I never perform those songs.

"Now I'm getting treated like a terrorist," he added. "I'm bummed out because it's like, dude, I'm not homophobic. I've said this since the beginning. The 'hating women' thing -- it's so nuts. It's based on things I made when I was super-young, when no one was listening [to my music]. Like, I wrote 'Blow' when I was reading about different people in American history. One of the people happened to be [the serial killer] Ted Bundy, and I wrote a song from his point of view."

Tyler goes on to say the controversial lyrics come from his alter ego. "This song is written from an alter ego -- I'm not like this! You could watch any interview and see my personality, see the guy I am. I wouldn't hurt a fly."

The rapper also questions why authors and/or writers don't get banned as well.

"What about the people who will make music in the next five years? Are they gonna get banned? Why don't they ban authors? Writers who write these mystery books about people getting raped and sabotaged and murdered and brainwashed—why don't they ban them?"