Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy

Trick Daddy

Miami rap vet Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy.

According to, the 41-year-old rapper (real name: Maurice Samuel Young) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently, listing $430,000 in assets and $645,000 in liabilities.

Here’s how his debt breaks down: $34,837 in child support to one mother, $22,282 to another, $290,000 in back taxes and $280,000 for his first mortgage.

Despite his money issues, Trick Daddy says he still rakes in $14,500 a month, mostly from music publishing and club appearances. However, he says he doesn’t live the typical rap lifestyle, claiming just $550 in clothes and jewelry.

  1. This nigga always on FB talking about other dudes not taking care of their kids and here he is owing 60k in child support. Maaannnn GTFOH flaw ass!

  2. Maurice “Trick Daddy” Samuel Young (born September 23, 1973)

    (feat. Buddy Roe)

    Steady comin got you runnin for your damn life
    I’m busting shots with this glock, nivva act right
    You crossed this nigga how you playin I’m a naughty head
    The last bvtch got 4 shots to the head
    I squeezed off and watched his brain hit the concrete
    Last breath, last mvvherfvvking heartbeat.
    There was no motive for the murder on the straight tip
    And all you can seen was blood and brains every damn where
    So I refuse to shoot a nivva in his stomach or his face or his forehead (killa!)

    Seems obvious to me Maurice Young is a depressed, emotionally disturbed person who enjoys causing grave emotional harm and physical trauma his peaceful neighbors.

    I cannot imagine living within a thousand miles of Maurice and feeling safe. I have concerns for children who view this disturbed man as a role model.


  3. I don’t follow him on FB because I personally know of his flaugin’ scary ass, I know about his bitch made ways. Always in the hood flexin’ and want to be seen and heard like he got it and his bitch ass ain’t even paying his own damn bills!

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