Jeezy Announces New Album For November

By Staff  |  08/31/2015


After promising a special announcement on Instagram, Jeezy revealed that a new album is coming ... in November.

On Twitter, the Atlanta rap star posted a letter, in which he details his personal journey.

"I'm just a Black man that came from nothing who was never given anything and for that matter, never asked for anything," Jeezy writes. "But I was willing to sacrifice my freedom and my livelihood for my beliefs. And that act alone it what's makes us GODS.... This is coming from a place of passion and not ignorance. To Be Continued... Friday, November 13th."

He ends the letter by signing it "Paster Young."

Since posting the letter, Jeezy's friend DJ Folk confirmed that November 13 is the release date for the rapper's forthcoming album.

Further details have not been revealed.