Hopsin Disses KXNG Crooked Over Rap Battle Competition


It’s Hopsin and Funk Volume versus Crooked I and the Horse Shoe Gang.

Funk Volume Records recently issued a challenge to any rap label to take them on in a rap battle… with $500,000 on the line. The Horse Shoe Gang accepted the challenge by releasing a track called “Half A Meal” (listen below). And, Hopsin responded with a diss on social media.

“Horsesh*t gang!” Hopsin wrote on Instagram for the caption to a picture of horse dung. “You ready for your funeral? Crooked I, get your ‘I miss my dawgs’ speech ready. You should have dissed us instead. You lead your soldiers to failure. Get ready.”

KXNG CROOKED, formerly known as Crooked I, responded to Hopsin on Twitter, telling him to tag him next time he mentions his name.

On Twitter, Hopsin continued the conversation, saying that he enjoys competition.

“Even though we bout to smash on horsesh*t gang, I can’t lie, this battle sh*t is fun,” he tweeted. “Only sad part about it is us ending horsesh*ts career. I’m on vacation with my girlfriend in London and still smashed these clowns. They lucky I’m not at home with access to my personal studio. I’m just playing. We aren’t gonna end horsesh*ts career. It’s impossible to end something that never existed.”

Stay tuned…


  1. This fool has lost his mind lol he can’t in noway possible fuck with them

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