Jay Rock Talks “90059” Album, Success Of TDE Artists

By Staff  |  08/27/2015

Jay Rock

Following news of his upcoming album 90059, Jay Rock stops by The Breakfast Club to talk music, TDE's success, and more.

The first topic was why its taken so long for his sophomore album to come -- his debut dropped in 2011.

"I had a life outside of music, too. I always had a thing, take care of family and doing my own thing on the side. At the same time, I had to get all them problems out the way, lil trials and tribulations, but now I'm back," Jay Rock explained. "Plus, for me, it was like, the music I was doing, I feel like I could go harder than what I was doing before. So, I've been locked in, working on my craft. That's what it's about: getting better. Not going backwards. It's about moving forward."

This month, TDE head Top Dawg revealed that the release date for Jay Rock's 90059 album is dependent on pre-order numbers. To that, the rapper said... it's up to the fans to support him.

"You want the Rock? Just pre-order the album and its gonna come," he said. "It's no rush, it's coming. It's in there, everything is said and done. All you gotta do is get behind it and order it. If you want some good music, go ahead and get it."

When asked if he's ever been jealous over the success of his TDE labelmates, such as Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock says: "For what? Why would I have jealously against my brothers that I come up with? We all came from the same kennel.

"My pops used to tell me, 'When things around you start to change, you remain the same until your time comes.' That was one of the realest things he's told me. I didn't understand it at first. Now, I do. Just be patient, it's a virtue."