Fetty Wap Unveils Cover Art For Debut Album

Fetty Wap - Album Cover

After making chart history, Fetty Wap is finally set to drop his debut album in late September… and unveils the cover art.

The art work features a close-up shot of the New Jersey rapper, in which he exposes his bad eye while one hand is covering his good eye.

The album, of which the title has yet to be revealed, is due out September 25.

What’s up with Fetty’s eye? He previously revealed that he was born with glaucoma and lost his eye when he was six months old. He got reconstructive surgery and stopped wearing the prothesis “’cause I didn’t want to look like everyone else,” he’s said.

The rapper has made Billboard charts history recently, by landing four singles, simultaneously, in the top 10 of Hot Rap Songs chart — including “Again,” “Trap Queen,” “My Way” and “679.”

Fetty Wap currently has two top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, “Trap Queen” and “679,” while “My Way” sits at No. 11 and “Again” is No. 40.

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