Tupac & Snoop Talk Voting Importance In Unearthed 1996 Clip

Tupac Shakur

A video featuring Tupac, Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg was unearthed recently, which featuring the artists speaking on the importance of voting at the Brotherhood Crusade Rally … back on August 15, 1996.

In the clip, Suge introduces both Tupac and Snoop as the spokespersons for the label.

“One thing I’d like to say, if it weren’t for the community it would be no Death Row Records,” Suge Knight said. “And more important than all that, if it weren’t for Snoop, Daz, Hammer, Tupac… it would be no me. So, I’m not here to try to get the limelight or be famous, nothing like that. I think my spokesperson for Death Row always will be– The guy who acts, raps. The other guy who raps and now he’s a model. I’d like to bring Tupac and Snoop up.”

Pac then discusses voting.

“We just want y’all to know that at Death Row we appreciate everything y’all doing for us,” Tupac said. “My record sales, we got six million. Snoop got four million. Dogg Pound got three million. And we keep going. That means we represent that many votes. If we can represent that many votes, we gotta let these politicians be scared of us. That means anytime we drop something y’all gotta pick it up. Every time y’all call for us, we gon’ come.”

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