Sha Money XL Responds To 50 Cent: “I’m Not Afraid Of You, Clown”

By Staff  |  08/25/2015

50 Cent and Sha Money XL

50 Cent aired out his issues with ex-partner Sha Money XL over the weekend, saying greed credited to their falling out.

During a lengthy HangWith session, Fif recalled his entire history with Sha Money, from the beginning to their split, and even recalled a story about him getting robbed.

Sha Money XL took to Twitter on Monday (August 24) with a response, claiming the hip-hop mogul ran his business poorly and didn't pay his workers.

"Don't believe the hype," he began. "Why are we talking about me instead of good music? Where the hits at? I've been consistent since I left.

"Who wants to be partners with him? They all fall out eventually so let's talk facts not lies. F*ck you pay me. where all your [email protected] ?"

Despite stories of him being robbed and afraid, Sha Money says he doesn't fear 50 Cent ... at all. "This Haitian N*gga is not afraid of that clown. Now you pay everyone for them same jobs but getting wack results."