Lil Wayne Talks Green Bay Packers, Lakers & Kobe On ESPN

By Staff  |  08/25/2015

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne returns to ESPN's First Take on Monday (August 24) to talk all-things sports.

Right off the bat, the rapper discusses his favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, and how he initially became a fan when he was just a kid.

In 1995, the Packers came to New Orleans to play the Saints in the Super Bowl, and won. His father was at the game, and brought home "towels and cups" emblazoned with the Green Bay logo.

Wayne explained that "in the 'hood," those towels and cups "would be put to use everyday. I used a Green Bay towel, a Green Bay cup everyday. So when the Madden game came out that year Brett was on the cover and I was a Packers fan for life."

Elsewhere, he talked Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, his favorite NBA team.

"I'm not sure what percentage of the 'great Kobe' we will see this year, but I can tell you what percentage of Kobe we will see: 100 percent."