Eazy-E’s Son Believes His Father Was Murdered


Eazy-E died in 1995, due to complications stemming from AIDS. However, there’s been theories that point to the rap icon actually being killed via injection of the virus… which one of his sons believe.

On Instagram, Yung Eazy recently told his followers that his father was murdered.

“I’ve been known my pops was killed.” he wrote in one caption. “His death never added up 2 what ppl have always said maybe they think we’re idiots blind to the truth idk….but 4 u new fans, youngsters & ppl who just don’t know much.”

Yung Eazy goes on to point out how Eazy-E was portrayed in N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, saying it’s evidence that foul play was involved.

“notice in#StraightOuttaCompton Eazy did not get sick until after the studio incident with suge and look how he acknowledged & admits on this interview with #JimmyKimmelinjecting ppl instead of shooting them is a new thing that’s done,” he writes. “Oh n let’s not touch the topic on Ice Cube naming his album “Lethal Injection” #FreeYourMind#RipEazyE #EazyE #F*ckSugeKnight.”


Yung Eazy isn’t the only one to express this theory. In 2011, Ruthless Records signee B.G. Knocc Out made the same assertion in an interview with HipHopDX.

“I believe in my heart somebody did something to Eric,” B.G. Knocc Out said at the time. “Whether it was Jerry [Heller], whether it was [his widow] Tomica [Woods-Wright], I have yet to really know the truth about it.

  1. smh murdered? If anything it was suicide fuckin all them same hoes Magic Johnson was fuckin rawdoggy.. Eazy just ran across the wrong bitch somewhere throughout his pillage…probably a young bad bitch who aint even know she had the shit…probably died before him…..the eighties/ninetys were crazy times

  2. Errythang gotta be a conspiracy these days. E was fuckin errythang with a skirt. And the black community was rampant with AUD and HIV then. People have gotten it in hospitals and I wouldn’t put it passed surge, but Jerry Heller wouldn’t kill his cash cow and ex wife I doubt. I’m thinking he got some bad pussy. Shit I got the clap once. Thank god that shit curable. It happens when you livin wreckless.

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