Clippers Fined $250K For DeAndre Jordan Pitch

By Staff  |  08/25/2015

DeAndre Jordan

The NBA fined the Clippers $250,000 this week, after an investigation found that the team violated league rules while trying to re-sign center DeAndre Jordan.

According to ESPN, the league said Tuesday (August 25) that the Clippers made a presentation to the then-free agent on July 2 that improperly included a potential third-party endorsement opportunity. League rules prohibit teams from arranging for others to provide compensation for a player unless it is included in a contract or is otherwise permitted by the collective bargaining agreement.

However, the league says the endorsement opportunity didn't impact Jordan's decision to re-sign with the Clippers. In fact, he chose not to sign the sponsorship deal.

The actual presentation came before Jordan decided to join the Mavs, though he later changed his mind.