Duck Down Releases Sean Price’s “Songs In The Key Of Price”

By Staff  |  08/22/2015

Sean Price - Songs In The Key Of Price

Following the untimely passing of Brooklyn rapper Sean Price, his label Duck Down drops his latest project, Songs In The Key of Price.

The project features 30 tracks, with features from Illa Ghee, Starvin B and Ike Eyes, among others. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds will go to Price's family.

Songs In The Key of Price is available, via a condensed version on iTunes, or the full 30-track version via Duck Down.

01 Intro
02 Figure More Feat. Illa Ghee
03 S.E.A.N.
04 Hot Breath
05 Brazil
06 Top Tier
07 Garbanzo Beans
08 Give'Em Hell Feat. Illa Ghee
09 Psycho Killa
10 D.L.F. Feat. Foul Monday Rim & Royal Flush
11 Bobby Mcbarz Feat. Ike Eyes
12 Breeze
13 Orange Box Cutter
14 Fei Long
15 Go Rambo Feat. Illa Ghee & Foul Monday
16 R.N.S.
17 Planet Apes
18 Metal Beard Feat. Vic Spencer
19 Barbituates Feat. Labba Rim & Illa Ghee
20 Dave Winfield Feat. Illa Ghee
21 Kurt Rambis
22 Sean Shank Redemption Feat. Starvin B
23 Infinity Gauntlet Feat. Starvin B
24 Niggerific
25 #4NoReason
26 Elmer Fudd Feat. Starvin B & Foul Monday
27 Enigma Feat. Illa Ghee
28 Magic
29 Soul Perfect Feat. Illa Ghee
30 El Raheim Feat. Rim