A Single Tweet From LeBron James Costs $140K

By Staff  |  08/20/2015

LeBron James

When a celebrity tweets about a product, 9 times out of 10, they're getting paid to do so.

Want LeBron James to tweet about your product? If he says yes (not likely), you'll have to fork over a cool $140,000... which comes out to $1,000 per character.

According to Opendorse, a company that specializes in executing and monetizing digital and social media campaigns for athletes, a tweet from James (who boasts 23.3 million followers at press time), has the highest value of any U.S. athlete.

"We're basically saying that the value of one LeBron tweet is worth $140,000," said Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence. "And with that, you will reach 23 million people. It would cost you five times more to reach that many people with a TV ad."

Despite the big numbers, Lawrence said most companies pay athletes between $1,000 and $2,500 for a single tweet. The most his company has received for a one-off tweet was $20,000 ... for an NFL player that he chose not to name.

The top five athletes who charge the most for a single tweet are as follows: Kevin Durant ($66,553), Kobe Bryant ($42,389), Floyd Mayweather ($34,924) and Dwight Howard ($34,290).