Michel’le Recalls Trusting Jerry Heller, Says He Helped N.W.A.

By Staff  |  08/19/2015


Outside of the late Eazy-E, most of N.W.A., including Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, don't care for their former manager Jerry Heller.

Singer Michel'le, who dated Dre during the earlier N.W.A days, recently came to Heller's defense in an interview with Vlad TV.

She says she trusted Heller, when she signed to Ruthless Records without the assistance of any lawyers, saying he took a chance on both herself and N.W.A.

"I totally trusted Jerry because I saw how well he was taking care of everybody," Michel'le said. "We were kids from the ghetto. We were young kids. To me, he took us and he embraced us... He gambled on us. Sometimes when you gamble and you spend a lot of money you gotta make what you want back. He took a big chance on us. We were driving 60-70,000 dollar cars from catching buses."

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer discussed the beginnings of her relationship with Dre, revealing that the producer and Eazy-E both pursued her initially.

"That was the funny part because I think Dre and Eazy had a bet," she recalled. "Dre would call me every morning at 9 AM and Eazy would call me every morning at about 9:20-9:30. And I'm thinking 'What game is this?' They would just call and say 'Hello, how are you doing?' And I would go 'I'm fine. I’m on my way off to work.' Because it took me three buses. So, that was it. And we did that for weeks. And they never said anything. They never said 'We want to go out with you' or nothing to that effect... I thought it was a bet. So, eventually Dre said 'Yeah, you wanna go hang out?' Finally, after weeks of doing that... And I think we were joined at the hip from then on."