Diddy Talks Vodka Rivalry With 50 Cent, Drake & Cassie

By Staff  |  08/17/2015


Diddy, who is currently going by Puff Daddy, stopped by The Breakfast Club on Monday morning (August 17), with son Christian by his side, to discuss a range of topics.

Some of the highlights, including his relationship with Cassie, his past issues with Drake, and his friendly vodka rivalry with 50 Cent.

50 had sent Diddy a case of his EFFEN vodka brand, after Diddy gifted of a lifetime supply of Ciroc. He also compared 50's vodka to a "B-level [basketball] team."

"That's not even the summer league," he joked. "That's the league when you be in the heated gyms and it be like 20 people."

Below are a few excerpts:

On 50 Cent'S EFFEN Vodka: "I welcome him into the game. It's good to see somebody of my color out there representing in this field. And hopefully he appreciates me opening up the doors for him continuously."

On Drake: "I do not want any problems with Drake, he's putting in his work. I didn't do nothing to Drake, Drake is my friend."

"Drake, please don't do no 'Back to Back to Back.' It wasn't me."

"'0 to 100′ was supposed to be my record, but it was a misunderstanding 'cause we was working with the same producers. Honestly, Drake is actually my favorite rapper, as far as songwriting and albums. Meek is my boy, and when it comes to the situation it's all about the lyrics."

On his relationship with Cassie: "Sometimes you get tired of ducking and hiding. You can't be watching every camera."

"I don't wanna promise her nothing I can't delivery. What I can deliver, out of a pie, is I can promise you that I'mma relationship with you... like 25% of your time, you're gonna be like, 'Aww man, I hate being here. I hate this guy. He created on me or lied on me'. That's 25%. But then there's 75%, where I'm gonna make you the happiest woman in the whole wide world. I'mma be there to support your dreams. I'mma be there to hold you, listen to you. I'mma be your best friend. I promise, you're gonna smile the most. 25% - 75%. You have to be honest. I'm bringing you 25% of some bullsh*t."