Did You Know Jay Z Recorded a Tupac Diss Record?

By Staff  |  08/14/2015

Jay Z and Tupac

Back in the mid-1990s, Tupac was going at everybody, from Biggie to Nas to Mobb Deep. He even threw a shot or two at Jay Z.

Hov almost replied, according to past collaborator DJ Clark Kent.

The DJ recently confirmed the existence of a long-rumored diss track, during a recent interview with ItsTheReal's "A Waste of Time" podcast.

"It never came out, out of respect for the fact that he died," Kent explained. "Jay did a record going at Pac, but right as it was about to come out, son died. We performed it, though, at the Apollo -- the chip on Jay's shoulder is so crazy that he had to perform it."

Jay previously confirmed the diss in a 2006 interview with XXL, but noted that there was no tape of the performance. The song was a freestyle over Blackstreet's 1996 hit, "No Diggity."

"They usually tape the Apollo shows, but they just stopped taping for some reason," Jay explained. "We tried to find the tape. It's 2,000 people that know about it. I did two verses."

"It's the truth, that's the best sh*t. It's so liberating, when you say what the f*ck you wanna say," he continued.

Although -- outside of those 2,000 in attendance -- no one has heard it, Kent called it "one of hardest diss records I've ever heard."

"It was scathing, like crowds were like, 'Oh, sh*t,' " he said. "If he was alive, there would've been no coming back. This was so tough."