Jon Connor Says His Aftermath Debut Is Coming

By Staff  |  08/13/2015

Jon Connor

Michigan rapper Jon Connor signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label back in 2013, which led to his 2014 XXL Freshman honor. But, he's been quiet ever since.

The rapper returned this month, appearing on a cut on Dre's much-hyped Compton album called "One Shot One Kill" alongside Snoop Dogg.

But, what has he been up to? Connor says he's been hard at work on his debut, which is on the way.

"It's coming," he recently told "The album is actually coming. Actually, it's more complete than y'all think."

Connor says that the other artists featured on Compton are also preparing their own projects, but individual music has not been the priority lately.

"The whole team got music coming and it's gonna be super crazy," he says. "But as of right now, man, people need to hear Compton, because that's a piece of hip-hop history. So before I even get to talking about my album, there'll be time for that, but right now, I just want to let Dre and his legacy live right now."

Further details are unknown.