Hopsin Expresses Frustration With Hip-Hop, Dismisses Drake’s Success


It’s no secret Hopsin isn’t a fan of the music industry. He’s carved his own path, doing everything independently with his Funk Volume label. However, when he looks around, he isn’t a fan of what’s going on in the genre.

The Los Angeles rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday (August 12) to express his frustration.

“The difference between me and other rappers is i actually care about earth and expanding our minds,” Hopsin wrote. “I’m probably the only rapper genuinely hitting subjects that will make u think about what the hell is really going on in this world.

“I’m the only rapper who had the balls to publicly question God and religion without being afraid of what it would make me look like,” he continued. “I’m truly the hip hop sinister in the eyes of the mainstream world. I’ve seen them turn you all into dumb assess one by one.”

Later, Hopsin takes aim at Drake, pointing out that even after he was accused of not writing his own lyrics, he remained a top artist.

“Drake is the hottest rapper in the game. He got exposed and we saw that he has a ghost writer and he’s still at the top. This ain’t hip hop,” he wrote, before comparing hip-hop to the porn industry.

“The rap and porn industry are the only professions where you don’t have to have skills to get in it,” he writes.

What do you think? Does Hopsin have a point?

  1. this nigga is TRASH! anytime you have to pat yourself on the back cause nobody else thinks your as dope as YOU think you are, your in the same boat as kanyes bitch azz. this is shyt broads do not real niggaz.

  2. Niggas snitching on us without no interrogation.
    But who cares what this Hopsin thinks anyway ?

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