Wu Affiliate Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson

Wu Affiliate Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson

The issues between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson came to a head on Tuesday (August 12), when the NYC rapper was confronted by Wu affiliate Popa Wu.

Apparently, it took place during the funeral services of late rapper Sean Price.

It’s unclear what exactly went down, but Popa shared a photo of himself running up on Bronson, and at the very least, gave him a stern talking to. “This wat we do I’m 4 real Popawu u F*k with my mine u get Chestties Wu 4ever,” he wrote in the photo’s caption.

The animosity between Ghostface and Bronson began last month, when Ghost went off on his rap rival after he made disparaging comments towards the legendary rapper on ESPN.

Though Bronson apologized, Ghostface refused to accept his apology.


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