Meek Mill Over Drake Beef?

By Staff  |  08/12/2015

Meek Mill

Is Meek Mill done with his back-n-forth with Drake?

The Philly rapper supposedly posted a lengthy statement on Instagram in which he said he will no longer beef with Drake. But... it was quickly deleted.

"I'm not entertaining no rap/real beef over drake s/o a rapper!" Meek is said to have wrote.

He then goes on to say that he shouldn't have went after Drake in the first place. If you remember, Meek initiated the beef last month, when he said that Drake "don't write his own raps."

"It won't bring me no money or success," Meek wrote. "Ima take blame for it even tho 'I can stand' anything I do or say and n*ggaz know..."

As he continued, Meek made it clear that he feels secure in his success, despite many others thinking his run is over... after Drake roasted him on stage during the 2015 OVO Fest.

"I don't feel like I gotta try to prove myself to the people and end up in a real situation over this fake rap sh*t," Meek wrote. "I'm just on some next level sh*t wit it tryna touch some real paper... Leave all that murder one sh*t in the streets."

After Meek's initial diss, Drake responded back with a pair of diss tracks, "Charged Up" and "Back To Back." Meek would eventually respond with a diss of his own called "Wanna Know," which has since been removed from Soundcloud.