Mac Miller Talks Musical Hiatus, Deal With Warner Bros.

By Staff  |  08/11/2015

Mac Miller

Following the release of his new single "100 Grandkids," Mac Miller stopped by The Breakfast Club radio show this week to talk about his hiatus, deal with Warner Bros., and more.

As for his time away, the Pittsburgh rapper said he needed time off.

"For me, I thought it was my right, as a human, to say 'I don't wanna do anything,' " Miller explained. "So, I was like, 'I don't feel like touring. I don't feel like putting an album out.' There's a lot of space [in Los Angeles], so I could disappear.

"I was making a lot of music and got comfortable in this zone of like, 'I don't need to bring any money in. I got money.' Then, I realized that I hadn't put anything out... so I just decided that it was time to come back."

After dropping two highly successful albums, independently, Miller chose to sign with Warner Bros. Records for a reported $10 million deal. Why? The rapper said he wanted to see the other side of the biz.

"I never had a real budget to do anything," he said. "Rostrum [Records] definitely put money down, and it used to be like, if Rostrum didn't wanna pay for it, I'd pay for it. I didn't care. They're an independent company, so I didn't have a big budget to work with."

Elsewhere in the interview, Mac Miller talks about forgetting his lyrics during a show, touring, and problems with drugs.