Panthers’ Cam Newton & Josh Norman Gets Into Fight At Practice

By Staff  |  08/10/2015

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and defensive back Josh Norman got into a scuffle at practice on Monday August 10), after the quarterback tackled the cornerback, who had intercepted his pass attempt, reports ESPN.

Coach Ron Rivera said the scuffle began because Norman gave Newton a stiff-arm at the end of the play.

"The thing that we preach to the defense is that they score," Rivera said. "And so, even though I blew the whistle, Josh kept going like he's taught and the offense continued to react.

"What happened was Cam got stiff-armed in the helmet, and that's where that escalated. The big thing we have to understand is: 'Hey, you're going to get stiff-armed. You've just got to handle it.' "

Neither Newton nor Norman were allowed to speak to reporters as they left the practice field.

Despite the incident, Rivera said Newton talked to the team afterward, saying they were "all family.

"He talked about it; he understands his responsibility," Rivera said. "And he understands what we're trying to do as a football team. ... At the end of the day, we're all family.

"And the poignant moment, as far as I was concerned, was when I brought the team up he broke it down with the word family, which is what Cam was trying to express."

Rivera said he wasn't concerned that Newton and Norman have been "chirping" at each other for the past week.

"The big thing about it is you've got to handle it, because it will happen in a game,'' Rivera said. "You've got to learn when you get to this situation, you deal with it, you handle it, you cope with it and come back better than the next time.

"Unfortunately, it got a little more physical than it needed to be."