Tupac & Madonna’s Relationship Detailed By Brother Mopreme

By Staff  |  08/09/2015

Madonna, Sting and Tupac

Mopreme Shakur, the step-brother of Tupac, recently recalled some of the memorable moments from the late rapper's career, including his relationship with Madonna.

"We were doing press for Above The Rim and we were in New York and just like them, I was sitting there while Pac was doing the interview," Mopreme recalled in an interview with Vlad TV. "Pac, Marlon, they did it together and then Madonna came down and sat right next to me [and asked] 'When is he finished?' [I'm like], 'A little while.'

"She gave me a note to give to him," he continued. "[I didn't read it] I was just happy she was giving him a note. Everybody was there, I went and gave it to him. He was about that business and then they linked up and I would take him to her house and sh*t when we got back to L.A. They were a thing for a minute."

As for why they split, Mopreme says it was just a casual-type relationship.

"They were kicking it. I don't think it was super serious, going to get married or some sh*t," he said. "They were just... you know how them entertainment relationships go. But, they both respected each other, so it ended cool. He never talked sh*t about her... not to me."