Meek Mill Responds To Drake With Acapella Freestyle

By Staff  |  08/07/2015

Meek Mill

A lot of fans are counting him out, but Meek Mill responds to Drake again.

After dissing Drake at his Charlotte, NC performance earlier in the week, the Philly rapper went in on Drake during "The Pinkprint Tour" stop in New Jersey on Thursday night (August 6).

"I been looking on the motherf*ckin' Internet, I been seeing a lot of n*ggas agreeing with fake, busta ass n*ggas. If you from Philly and you rock with Meek Milly, make some motherf*ckin' noise," Meek began, before breaking into a freestyle.

"You don't wanna see my Philly n*ggas hanging out the window like we tryna spot Ricky / Shoutout to the n*ggas that show me that not with me / See, I don't think it's about no rapping, it's about Nicki / He told us he was first in line, but it got tricky / I still wake up with the lady that you said you first in line with," he raps.

Elsewhere in the freestyle, Meek focused his disses around Drake's alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller, spitting: "Did five months, came home, that's perfect timing / To make a sucka n*gga look sucka without trying / If Quentin Miller wrote that sh*t, what were we buying?"

What y'all think of Meek's diss?