YG Talks “Still Krazy” Album, Reveals He Auditioned For “Straight Outta Compton”


YG was in NYC this week, where he stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, where he talked new music, rap beefs and more.

The Compton rapper recently dropped a new single called “Twist My Fingaz”, off his anticipated sophomore album, Still Krazy. While it offers up a taste of what’s to come, he says he’s still working… and no songs have actually made the final cut yet.

“Ain’t nobody got a joint on the album yet. Cuz, it ain’t done,” YG said, after being asked if DJ Mustard will be on the project. “We ain’t got no date. We ain’t got nothing. We just working. We got some hits though.”

Elsewhere, he revealed that he auditioned for a role in the Straight outta Compton movie… but obviously, didn’t make the cut. “Yea, I went and auditioned for it. It was a lot artists up in there… I can’t wait until that sh*t come out. Imma go check out that out… for sure,” YG said.

The rapper also talked about his shooting, saying that he moves differently now, after the incident. “Sh*t just got tighter,” YG said. “Everybody just started opening they eyes to everything that was really going on that we was like downplaying and looking past. Nah, this sh*t serious. It ain’t nothing though.”

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