CyHi The Prynce Disses Kanye West, Pusha T In New Song

CyHi The Prynce

CyHi the Prynce doesn’t seem to be on good terms with his G.O.O.D. Music family, after putting Kanye West and Pusha T on blast in a new diss track.

On the song, entitled “Elephant In The Room,” the Georgia rapper takes issue with the fact that he’s been signed to the label for five years… and has yet to release his album.

“Hey ‘Ye, do you know what it feels like to be signed to you in real life?” CyHi asks, before also questioning why he wasn’t on the cover of Complex with the rest of G.O.O.D. Music back in 2012

Later, he even threatens to shoot Kanye if he comes around.Β “While you’re in your little Lambo on Sunset, I’m riding with a gun next to me and it sounds like a little boy playing with a drum set / And it holds a hundred rounds ’cause when you come around, n*ggas quick to gun you down / You be found on the other side of town,”

Elsewhere, he sends at shot at labelmate Pusha T. “OK, my n*gga Pusha sh*t snap / Nah, nah, man, the sh*t’s crap,” he declares, before taking aim at Teyana Taylor. “Teyana got a fat ass, but she won’t let nobody in the clique tap.”

  1. this is all calculated. that wasn’t a diss that’s why you hear the alarm clock at the end. pusha even tweeted the song out. hes trying to get some shyt stirred up for his album to drop. if it was that serious he would of been of off the label 3 years ago.

  2. “Shut the fuck up haters” they are playing with his money what would you do? That’s right, stay quiet like a little BITCH .Put your tail between your legs,and sit down when you piss like a bitch.

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