50 Cent Is Not Broke After All, Has $10 Million In The Bank

50 Cent

For those of you who actually believed that 50 Cent is broke, think again.

In new bankruptcy documents, obtained by Buzzfeed, the hip-hop mogul lists assets of around $10 million, from property, cars and his wardrobe, as well as a hefty amount in his personal bank accounts.

In U.S. Bankruptcy Court filings, 50 lists $9.2 million in real estate from three properties — including his 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom mansion in Connecticut.

He also lists a fleet of cars, estimated to be worth $500,000, including a 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom; and around $100,000 in clothing/wardrobe and furniture.

As for expenses, Fif spends nearly $6,500/month for upkeep on his 17.6 acre lawn; $4,000/month on his stylist Erin McSherry; $9,000 in security; $12,100/month in child support; $3,000/month on meals and entertainment; $1,000/month on personal grooming; and $2,000/month on travel.

50 Cent also lists around $10 million in various bank accounts.

He filed for bankruptcy last month, just days after he was ordered to pay $5 million in a highly-publicized sex tape lawsuit, which was later upped to $7 million to include punitive damages.

50 owes more than $32.5 million to creditors.

  1. “For those of you who actually believed that 50 Cent is broke, think again” Ballerstatus takes yet another L for believing the first reports, after I told all of you that he’s not broke and has money on the side, nobody wanted to believe me, fuck all y’all

  2. Not sure how you can say “50 Cent also lists around $10 million in various bank accounts” and right after that state “50 owes more than $32.5 million to creditors” and not consider what he is saying from the beginning….that he owes more than what he has. Chapter 11 is not to stop those payments, but to setup a payment plan. This is nothing new. We all know he owns the “bleed you dry Mike Tyson home”–an “asset” that he has been trying to sell for the longest time.

    Nothing new to see here folks.

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