DDTV: Treach Talks Longevity In Hip-Hop


In the fourth episode of our Digital Dynasty TV interview with hip-hop legend Treach, our man Tha Advocate talks about longevity in hip-hop and police shutting down SOB’s in New Jersey earlier in the year.

Regarding longevity in the game, the rapper tells us you need a foundation for the culture to stand strong.

“You don’t want to be in the position to be a one-hit wonder or just out there and hot for the moment,” Treach explained. “If you don’t have a culture, where they gonna have your back, eventually the culture is gonna implode. It ain’t gonna have no foundation, it’s gonna fall. Its been a lot of sheisty politics that’s gone on throughout the years, a lot of payola, a lot of pockets getting greased. When you end up in a label you trying fight and finance your own project and you have to compete with these majors, it’s like, You gonna fall.”

DDTV was created by Tha Advocate to add a visual aspect to the Digital Dynasty mixtape series. DDTV is a joint venture between Tha Advocate, Ballerstatus.com and Monstar Films. It aims to give you a personal look into some of hip-hop artists’ lives and careers.

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