50 Cent To Ja Rule: “Everybody Knows I Put You To Sleep”

By Staff  |  08/04/2015

50 Cent and Ja Rule

The current beef between Drake and Meek Mill has drawn comparisons to the infamous feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent, though it's unlikely it will get as violent.

Both recently downplayed Drizzy's beef, warning their peers to keep it on wax. While it seemed things were good, Fif and Ja took the opportunity to throw shots at each other.

On Tuesday (August 4), 50 Cent took to Instagram with a shot at Ja Rule, while referencing a past interview he did claiming the two were on a flight together... and there were no problems.

"Oh I herd what you said on the power 105 morning show, you f*cking punk. Everybody know I put your ass to sleep," he wrote.


Ja Rule would later respond, posting a past GQ cover of 50, claiming that he's lying.

"This ho has a lot of balls!!! Unfortunately she also has a p*ssy shut up before somebody put a d*ck in ya mouth... #StopLyingtothesegoodpeople," he wrote.


Guess things never change, huh?