Madchild Discusses Move To Los Angeles, Why Rappers Fall Off

By Staff  |  07/31/2015

Canadian rap vet Madchild dropped a brand new album this month, entitled Silver Tongue Devil. So, we recently chopped it up with him about a range of topics.

After he told us about sharpening his lyrical skills, joining the Rock Steady Crew, and becoming a millionaire, in this clip, the rapper tells us about why his move to Los Angeles has been positive.

"I can tell you the last six, seven months of my life have been the happiest I've ever been in my whole entire life," Madchild explains. "One of the reasons is -- and, I love being Canadian and proud to be from Canada -- but, I moved to Los Angeles and I don't think it's possible to have a bad day here. You can't. There's so many people here that get me, and I get them. It's this huge place, but I'm realizing quickly, that the circle gets smaller and smaller, because there's these incredibly talented humans, but they all know each other and they work together and help each other out."

Later, Madchild talks about why artists fall off in hip-hop, citing outside influences.

"It's because they let too much of this stuff into their lives," he says. "I've already went through that. They start going to the clubs, they start f*cking all these different bitches, or they got wives and kids and mortgages... stress... and this. I don't allow any of that into my life. I'm literally the sharpest lyricist I've ever been in my life... right now. Because, it's the first priority."

Silver Tongue Devil is available now at the BattleAxe store and on iTunes.

The project also features coverart done by legendary street artist L'Amour Supreme, which is available as a limited edition T-shirt from Mishka NYC in a bundle alongside the CD.