Birdman’s Interview With Angie Martinez (Pt. 2): Addresses Lil Wayne Further

By Staff  |  07/30/2015

Birdman and Angie Martinez

In part 2 of Birdman's extensive interview with Angie Martinez in Miami last week, the hip-hop mogul further addresses the perception that he and Lil Wayne are at war.

In the clip, Stunna continues to iterate that there's no bad blood between him and Weezy, despite what the headlines say. Specifically, he says that what the rapper says in the public isn't exactly how things are behind the scenes.

"I really mean that," Birdman said, when questioned about whether he'd let Wayne out of his contract. "If he wanna leave, I'm not gonna... that's my son."

"But, he does wanna leave," Angie replied. "He said that to you."

"He's says that publicly, but then, they get behind the doors, it's something different," Birdman explained. "Guess what? In due time, if that's what he want, I'm not gonna stand in the way of it. If you ever hear that he's not with me anymore, it's because I allowed that to happened."

Even if Wayne leaves, he said, once again, that he'll still support him.

Watch the full interview below.