Birdman’s Interview With Angie Martinez (Pt. 1): Talks Relationship With Lil Wayne

By Staff  |  07/29/2015


Birdman broke his silence regarding the drama between him and Lil Wayne last week, via an extensive sit down with Power 105's Angie Martinez.

The two linked up at his mansion in Miami, where the hip-hop mogul talks about his current relationship with Wayne, allegations he was involved in murder-for-hire plot against him, the alleged drink-throwing incident, and why Drake and Nicki Minaj aren't leaving Cash Money.

On relationship with Wayne, he says the rapper's is "forever my son. That ain't gon' change. I think what's going on is just some business, and my perspective is, I'ma do whatever he wanna do. But he still gon' be my son. Ain't nothing gonna change the fact that he my son... At the end of the day, no matter what he wanna do, I'm with it. That's my son. I love him to death. He got my blessings and I'ma support him no matter what he choose to do."

Birdman later claims he still speaks to Weezy and had a conversation with him just two days before the interview was filmed. "It's not considered bad to me," he said. "I think media makes it worse than it really is."

When asked about him wanting to leave Cash Money, Stunna admits he doesn't want him to leave. "I'm not gonna let him go, but if he wanna go, I'ma respect his call," he said. "If he say he wanna go, I'm not gonna stand in his way. If he tell me, 'Pops, it's time to move on...' I haven't heard it from his mouth."

As for the $51 million lawsuit? "That's a conversation that we can work out," adding that it's a "big misunderstanding."

Elsewhere, Birdman addresses reports that he threw a drink at Wayne during a recent performance and claims he was behind his tour bus shooting back in April.

"I would never personally throw nothing on my son. I would never throw nothing on no man," said Birdman. "Who's to say it was thrown at Wayne? It could have just hit Wayne." And, the shooting? "It's probably the craziest sh*t I've ever heard in my life," he says, adding: "I couldn't even tell you what happened that night 'cause I wasn't there. Hip-hop gets gangsta sometimes and you gotta be prepared for it when it comes to you."

What about Nicki Minaj and Drake? He says they won't be splitting with his label. "Nicki and Drake ain't goin' nowhere, regardless," he said. "You'll never hear nothing out their mouths on no negative about either one of us 'cause we both have blessed their lives. Nicki and Drake, regardless of what goes down with us, they not going nowhere."