Hot 97’s Ebro Says Nas Is Not A Lyricist? Huh?

By Staff  |  07/25/2015

Nas and Ebro

Hot 97 personality Ebro stirred the pot on Friday (July 24), when he stated that Nas wasn't a lyricist.

He took to Twitter, naming a number of rappers, and then labeling them either a "rapper" or a "lyricist". Nas was labeled a "rapper."

Ebro says that lyricism is when artists use wordplay and rapping is "words that rhyme."

After his bold claim, his followers began questioning why Nas is not named a "lyricist." He replied: "Nas tells stories... His game is not word playing... Stop."

"Word choice is NOT word play," Ebro later said "Telling stories that are cohesive is difficult too!! Stories that rhyme is Rap. Flipping the meaning of words is more than just rhyming. THIS NOT SLANDER stop being basic."

Nas has been long considered one of the genre's best ever.

Do you agree with Ebro's opinion on the matter?